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19th Century Stone building window

This 19th century building in Easton,PA required a total replacement of the rotten window sill. The ends of both of the wooden casement windows were also rotted as well as the rails that support them.
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Bath Treatments

Here is one example of a wall and ceiling treatment done with Venecicano Venetian plaster Here is an detailed example of a Faux finnish created by using a canvas rag-on two color technique. This is a example of a Venetian plaster called Terra. Terra is a decorative colored cement base plaster that is fungal and […]
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Faux Finishes

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Venetian Plaster and Treatments

Venetian Plaster is an Old World technique consisted of hand-applying (using a trowel) several layers of plaster made of powdered or ground marble or limestone, thinly applied to create a wall finish that had the visual depth, richness, cool touch, and natural elegance of stone or marble. The crystalline form of authentic earth pigments will […]
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Easton PA Wainscoting and Applique

This is a example of a wainscot job I did in Plamer Township,PA. Wainscot was originally used in 16th century England to cover the lower part of walls; when homes were not built to resist rising dampness. However, it is now used as a way to decorate rooms in homes. With its rich, linear qualities and elegant […]
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Interior Wood Casing and Wainscoting

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Easton PA Porch

This client needed the front porch painted and a few floor boards replaced. I could have stop there but I noticed that the heel of the floorboards were showing, the porch was misaligned and the fascia boards were in bad shape. The additional cost for correcting these problems was nominal and the owner was happy […]
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Stabilized Deck

The owner of this condo in Nazareth, PA was uncomfortable using the second floor deck. The deck moved and bounced when he walked on it. I solved the problem by tying the floor joists together at alternate intervals and adding two braces bolted to the beam then to the posts at both ends. Solid
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Nazareth PA Balusters

The home owner originally wanted to replace the broken and mismatched balusters (Top and middle images) for the stair case as well as the railing on the top of the stairs landing. Take note that they also have young children who like to grab on the delicate balusters while playing and may break the repaired […]
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Williams Township Columns

The owners of this  colonial style home were not happy with the spindly turned columns on the portico. They wanted columns designed to fit the existing roof of the portico and mimic the same style and details of the house. All the parts of the column were made off site in my shop and assembled […]
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  • Testimonials

    “I had a hard time finding a handyman that would come by and repair my leaking water faucet. Michael said he would come by the next day and asked if there was anything else that might need some attention while he was there. So I put together a list and he did them all in one day!”
    -- C.F. Easton, PA