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Stabilized Deck

Deck support before being stabilizedThe owner of this condo in Nazareth, PA was uncomfortable using the second floor deck. The deck moved and bounced when he walked on it.

Deck support after being stabilizedI solved the problem by tying the floor joists together at alternate intervals and adding two braces bolted to the beam then to the posts at both ends. Solid

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Easton PA Porch

Easton PA porch beforeThis client needed the front porch painted and a few floor boards replaced. I could have stop there but I noticed that the heel of the floorboards were showing, the porch was misaligned and the fascia boards were in bad shape. The additional cost for correcting these problems was nominal and the owner was happy with the homes clean curb appeal. I used Sherwin-Williams Deck paint for this project. I check my paint job a year later so that I can see if the product performs to spec!

Easton PA porch after

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Interior Wood Casing and Wainscoting

Before new casing

After new casing, detail

Finished casing and joined wainscoting

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Easton PA Wainscoting and Applique

Livingroom WainscotingThis is a example of a wainscot job I did in Plamer Township,PA.

Wainscot was originally used in 16th century England to cover the lower part of walls; when homes were not built to resist rising dampness. However, it is now used as a way to decorate rooms in homes. With its rich, linear qualities and elegant patterns, it is mostly chosen by home owners who want to add a sense of history and substantive charm to a room.

Wainscoting and appliqueThese are examples of a Applique technique done in Plamer Township,PA

Applique comes from the frenchappliquer which means to “put on”.
In this example I used a style of molding for the decorative wall treatment. This is achieved by trimming the wall at about the half way mark using a large chair rail and creating shapes using smaller chair rail or molding below it. The applique is not always limited to the lower wall, far from it, many homes have them all over the walls and even the ceilings and doors. The perfect Applique occurs when all four sides are the same distance apart from the chair rail, baseboard and the next applique or wall. Using different combinations of widths and shapes you can achieve a perfect and unique installation.

Applique in hallway 1

Applique in hallway 2

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    “I had a hard time finding a handyman that would come by and repair my leaking water faucet. Michael said he would come by the next day and asked if there was anything else that might need some attention while he was there. So I put together a list and he did them all in one day!”
    -- C.F. Easton, PA