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Electrical Fixtures, Switches

Electrical OutletMy electrical knowledge is based on the national electric code (NEC) which is sponsored by the national fire protection association. I have the same responsibilities as a licensed electrician regards to the installation of electrical systems that will remain safe for people and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity. Here are some of the services I provide to homeowners: Installing light fixtures, hanging ceiling fixtures, Installing track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, wall sconces, GFI receptacles and breakers, thermostat, add or replace outlets and light switches, outdoor outlets and motion detectors. I can save you money by doing the rough wiring in remodeling work but final connection and inspections should be done by a licensed electrician.

Three Way Switch installation and wiring

Fan and Light installation and repair

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Thermostat Repair and Installation

Digital, Programable Thermostat installation and repairI can relocate your existing thermostat or save heating and cooling cost by replacing your old one with a new programmable thermostat

Analog Thermostat installation and repair

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Plumbing Supply tools and fixtures

Handiwork offers many plumbing services such as replacing sink, sink faucets and drains, tub and shower fixtures, toilet overhauls or replacements, install Frost-Free Sillcock Anti-Siphon, underground drain pipe for rain gutters, dry-wells, replace sump pump, insulate pipes.

Sink Plumbing installation and repair I get most of my supplies at East lawn supply Co. in Nazareth, PA.

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New Basement Bathroom

This small bathroom started as a 2×4 framed 7′ x 7′ room with a 4 inch PVC drain in a cement floor leading to a sewage ejector pump well.

The soil vent  and waste pipe were capped for planned basement toilet and sink connections. After tapping into the main house copper piped water supply I added  two (ball-vales) type shut-off valves so that I could work on the bathroom without interrupting the owners daily needs for water in the rest of the house. After the new water lines were added and the rough plumbing finnished, I placed the sewer ejector pump in the well and connected the backflow and shut-off valve.

I finnished hanging the drywall then set and grouted the slate tile before installing the wainscot . Finally the sink and toilet were installed.

PVC sewer and vent pipe hook-up

This view shows the connections for the copper water lines as well as the PVC pipe hook-up to the vent and waste line

PVC pipe connections and Backflow valve

PVC and Backflow valve

Rough plumbing for sink

Rough plumbing and wooden brace for pedestal sink

This is a video of the compleated basement bathroom job.

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  • Testimonials

    “I had a sensitive issue with a large picture window on my turn of the century farm house. Over the years, dry rot and carpenter ants destroyed the framework supporting the window. Mike was able to support the window without removing it, rebuild the framework and insulate the space, and then replace the aluminum siding. It looks great!”
    -- Roger Blease, Washington Township PA