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Construction here…

Filler post.

This is just to fill in space so you can get an idea of layout.  Here’s an image, too:


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New Basement Bathroom

This small bathroom started as a 2×4 framed 7′ x 7′ room with a 4 inch PVC drain in a cement floor leading to a sewage ejector pump well.

The soil vent  and waste pipe were capped for planned basement toilet and sink connections. After tapping into the main house copper piped water supply I added  two (ball-vales) type shut-off valves so that I could work on the bathroom without interrupting the owners daily needs for water in the rest of the house. After the new water lines were added and the rough plumbing finnished, I placed the sewer ejector pump in the well and connected the backflow and shut-off valve.

I finnished hanging the drywall then set and grouted the slate tile before installing the wainscot . Finally the sink and toilet were installed.

PVC sewer and vent pipe hook-up

This view shows the connections for the copper water lines as well as the PVC pipe hook-up to the vent and waste line

PVC pipe connections and Backflow valve

PVC and Backflow valve

Rough plumbing for sink

Rough plumbing and wooden brace for pedestal sink

This is a video of the compleated basement bathroom job.

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19th Century Stone building window

This 19th century building in Easton,PA required a total replacement of the

rotten window sill. The ends of both of the wooden casement windows were

also rotted as well as the rails that support them.

19th century stone building window

wood rot damage on 19th century building

wood casement with rot removed

After the rot is removed and the wood stabilized

finished 10ft wooden sill ready to set in place

Finished 10ft wooden sill ready to set in place.

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  • Testimonials

    “I had a hard time finding a handyman that would come by and repair my leaking water faucet. Michael said he would come by the next day and asked if there was anything else that might need some attention while he was there. So I put together a list and he did them all in one day!”
    -- C.F. Easton, PA