Hiding Ductwork

Photo of exposed duct-workWhen you want central air but live in a 150 year old English Tutor style home with plaster walls it is difficult to find a accessible place to put the duct work.

AC duct-work part 1As you can see there is very little room for boxing in the air duct.  Great care was taken not to put any cracks in the plaster wall or ceiling therefore, no nails were used only glue and pre drilled holes for the screws.

AC duct-work part 1In the old days wooden dowels were used for the radius corners for plaster walls. I wanted to mimic that style by using a wide corner round on the drywall corners and then skimmed coated the drywall in order to give an uneven aged plaster look. When painted, it look like it was always there.

AC duct-work part 3There was really no way I could hide the air duct coming from out of the floor and into the wall next to the closet. This was a child’s room, So I built a small bench.

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  • Testimonials

    “I had a sensitive issue with a large picture window on my turn of the century farm house. Over the years, dry rot and carpenter ants destroyed the framework supporting the window. Mike was able to support the window without removing it, rebuild the framework and insulate the space, and then replace the aluminum siding. It looks great!”
    -- Roger Blease, Washington Township PA